NCT 127’s Indonesia concerts proceeding under heightened security measures after police investigate bomb threat

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NCT 127‘s concerts in Jakarta, Indonesia today and Saturday (November 5) will proceed as scheduled with heightened security measures instituted after a bomb threat.

According to a report by Coconuts Jakarta today (November 4), Jakarta Metro Police was notified of a bomb threat circulating online that was said to be targeting the concert venue. The police unit reportedly deployed a bomb squad and its K9 unit to the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in BSD City, but detected no threats of explosives or explosive devices after thorough searches.

Law enforcement authorities then announced that the K-pop group’s shows will proceed as planned, and appealed for calm from the general public. The police have reportedly identified and are currently pursuing the individual who allegedly posted the bomb threat online, according to Jakarta Metro Police spokesman Endra Zulpan.

NCT 127’s Jakarta shows are also seeing increased safety and security measures following issues with overcrowding at the Berdendang Bergoyang music festival in the city last week.

The Berdendang Bergoyang music festival, initially slated for a three-day run from October 28 to 30, was shut down during its second day by Jakarta Metro Police following several reports of attendees fainting during the event.

Per a Coconuts Jakarta report, the music festival saw over 21,000 attendees, exceeding the venue’s capacity of 10,000. The venue reportedly had only one tent dedicated to medical and emergency services for attendees across five festival stages.

According to Detik News, the police then initiated additional security measures to avoid a similar situation at NCT 127’s concerts in Jakarta. According to police superintendent Sarly Sollu, the ticketing system will now include a sensor system to track the number of people entering the venue.

Additional emergency exits and health posts will also be installed at the venue, while 250 law enforcement officers will be deployed to the venue. The law enforcement official added that they are expecting 8,000 attendees at the show.

NCT 127 released their fourth album, ‘질주 (2 Baddies)’ in September. The record scored a four-star review from NME‘s Carmen Chin, who wrote: “For a group that thrives on the disorder and unpredictability of their music, ‘2 Baddies’ is an often exceptional effort on NCT 127’s part to uphold that tradition.”

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