‘Modern Warfare 2’ best weapons and tier list for Season 3

Modern Warfare 2 continues the rebooted series, adding in a brand new Campaign which follows Soap, Ghost, Captain Price and other fan favourite characters. There’s the usual Multiplayer modes to play as well, which make use of the game’s wide selection of guns and weapons.

From shotguns to sniper rifles, there’s a wide variety of weapons to try out in Modern Warfare 2. Not all of them are equal however, especially after you’ve levelled them up with the best attachments. We’ve picked five best Modern Warfare 2 weapons that you should absolutely be using. Then, you’ll find a full weapon tier list, ranking every gun in the game.

New weapons will be added gradually to MW2. So far, we’ve seen the FJX Imperium and Cronen Squall join the party, following the launch of Season 3. These guns are now included in the rankings below. Here are the very best weapons in Modern Warfare 2, from the lightning-fast Fennec 45 to the ever-reliable M4.

Modern Warfare 2 best weapons (2023)

We’ve chosen five of the best weapons in Modern Warfare 2. Choosing any of these will put you in great stead, so give them all a go.

  1. M4
  2. ISO Hemlock
  3. FJX Imperium
  4. TAQ-56
  5. Lachmann Sub

Modern Warfare 2 guns tier list (Season 3)

Now that the dust has settled on the launch of Modern Warfare 2 Season 3, we can rank the weapons in a tier list:

  • S tier: M4, Kastov 762, Fennec 45, ISO Hemlock, TAQ-56, FJX Imperium, Lachmann Sub
  • A tier: FTAC Recon, MCPR-300, SP-R 208, Kastov 74u, Signal 50, Vaznev-9K, Basilisk, , M13B, SA-B 50
  • B tier: M16, Expedite 12, Lachmann 556, Lockwood MK2, Rapp H, LMS, SP-X 80, Lachmann 762, BAS-P, MX9, Victus XMR, FSS Hurricane, TAQ-V, KV Broadside Shotgun, Chimera, RPK, Tempus Torrent, LA-B 330, Cronen Squall.
  • C tier: Sakin MG38, 556 Icarus, SO-14, PDSW-528, Bryson 800, Bryson 890, Lockwood 300, RAAL MG, HCR 56, EBR-14, TAQ-M, LA-B 330, MINIBAK, VEL 46, Kastov 545, Crossbow

As you can see, submachine guns and assault rifles. At present the pace of Modern Warfare 2 and the time to kill (TTK) compliment these weapons perfectly. Then onto some battle rifles and even a sniper rifle in the FJX. From then on, things get a little bit harder to rank. In general, LMGs are tricky to use in the game at the moment, but most assault rifles like the M16 are perfectly viable.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Credit: Activision Blizzard.
‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’. CREDIT: Activision Blizzard.

Because of Modern Warfare 2‘s extensive gunsmith customisation options, there are many permutations of each gun listed. For example, the SA-B 50 is a sniper rifle traditionally, but in-game it can be turned into a strange run-and-gun hybrid. Guns like the Fennec 45 are more simple to categorise, as they behave as SMGs, and belong to the SMG category.

Through Weapon Tuning, each gun in the game can be drastically altered, and it’s even possible to turn something like a shotgun into a long-range marksman rifle.

Modern Warfare 2 has received new guns as part of Season 3: FJX and the Cronen Squall. The FJX is currently the best sniper you can use gun the game, while the Cronen offers a decent option for those looking for a battle rifle hybrid.

Those are the best weapons to use in Modern Warfare 2. This now includes the new weapons added as part of Season 3.

Elsewhere in gaming, Microsoft seemingly has no intentions of making Call of Duty exclusive to Xbox, with Phil Spencer revealing he wants Microsoft to treat the IP in the same way it treats Minecraft, by bringing it to “many different screens.”

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