Mercurio Crowned Best Latin Boy Band Ever by Fans: See the Top 5 Groups

Mexican group Mercurio has been voted the best Latin boy band ever in a recent fan poll published by Billboard.

The pop band, currently composed of Hector Ugarte, Rodrigo Sieres, Dany Merlo, Elias Chiprut and Alex Sirvent, won the poll with over 41 percent of the votes. They were followed by the Venezuelan ’90s boy band UFF! with nearly 25 percent of the votes. (See the top five winners below)

Formed in 1994 in Puebla, Mexico, Mercurio’s first major hit arrived in 1996 with their single “Cómo Decirle Que la Quiero.” After gaining popularity, they had the opportunity to open for Ricky Martin at Guadalajara’s Plaza de Toros, meet Pope John Paul II during their visit to the Vatican, and win Eres’ best pop band award for two consecutive years, as well as best live act. Mercurio is still an active musical group today, most recently touring with their greatest hits alongside the ’90s boy band Magneto.

The poll, which was solely fan-based and not tied to any awards, highlighted 18 Latin boy bands including the Dominican bachata group Aventura, Puerto Rican Latin boy band pioneers Menudo, New York-based R&B group Barrio Boyzz, and Colombian urban-pop group Piso 21, to name a few — as well as a string of young salsa orchestras such as Salserín and Los Adolescentes, who had the boy band essence: matching outfits, cute boys, and killer dance moves. 

Over 30,000 fans from all over the world, including Mexico, the United States, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and other countries, participated in the poll.

See the top five best boy bands ever, according to fans, below:

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