Matt Hancock mocked for calling Ed Sheeran his favourite artist on ‘I’m A Celebrity…’

Matt Hancock and Ed Sheeran

Matt Hancock has been roundly mocked for calling Ed Sheeran one of his favourite artists and singing his single ‘Perfect’ on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

The former Health Secretary was introduced into the ITV show last night (November 9) alongside comedian Seann Walsh.

During one of their first conversations, the MP asked Walsh about the meaning behind a tattoo on his neck.

Walsh then explained that it represented his favourite band Blink-182, who Hancock was unaware of, which immediately prompted a backlash on Twitter from viewers.

“When I thought it was impossible to hate @MattHancock anymore. He says he doesn’t know who Blink 182 are. Get to fuck you rat bastard #ImACeleb,” one said.

Another added: “I didn’t think i could hate matt hancock anymore if i tried until i heard him just say he didn’t know who blink 182 is.”

When Walsh asked Hancock who his favourite musician was, the MP replied: “Quite a mix really, quite mainstream but I’m not gonna put a tattoo of Ed Sheeran on my neck.

“Love him, yeah… and I’m from Suffolk as well.”

He then proceeded to sing the words to ‘Perfect’. “You between my arms… barefoot on the grass… don’t get me singing… listening to my favourite song…… What’s it called? ‘Perfect’? I love it,” he sang.

His vocals later prompted Dec to say Sheeran would be “gutted” to hear Hancock was a fan, while Ant burst into laughter.

Responding to his rendition of ‘Perfect’ one fan wrote on Twitter: “I cannot explain the actual cringe that just went through my body hearing matt hancock singing ed sheeran, get it AWAY,” while another added: “Actually vomming about matt hancock singing ed sheeran and that he’s his favourite type of music.”

“Hearing matt hancock sing ed sheeran should be considered a hate crime and a crime against humanity,” another wrote before one fan posted footage of Hancock dancing and singing at an Ed Sheeran concert.

Sheeran is yet to respond to the news that Hancock is a fan of his.

Upon his entrance into the show, Hancock was immediately voted by viewers to take part in the next bushtucker trial which airs tonight (November 10).

The West Suffolk MP previously had to step down from his role as Health Secretary after he was caught breaching social distancing guidance by kissing a colleague he was having an affair with in his office. Since his participation on the show was announced, he has been suspended from the Conservative Party.

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