Martin Scorsese is a big fan of ‘Derry Girls’: “Those nuns!”

Scorsese Derry Girls

Martin Scorsese has said he is a fan of Derry Girls.

The acclaimed Mean Streets filmmaker was asked in an onstage interview what TV he’s watching at the moment, to which he replied: “I watched the other night Derry Girls.

After the audience applauded, Scorsese raised his fist and laughed, adding: “Those nuns!”

Take a look at the clip below:

The show’s creator Lisa McGee shared the clip, adding as a caption: “Excuse me while I drop dead and actually die a death”, while actor Siobhán McSweeney, who plays Sister Michael in the series, wrote: “Good morning. I’m ded.”

McSweeney recently criticised the lack of education in English schools about Northern Ireland.

The actor said earlier this year that it was an “absolute disgrace” that many English viewers had said they learned more from watching Derry Girls than in school about the issues in Northern Ireland.

“I’ve woken up this morning to, no word of a lie, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of messages, and at least three quarters of them are ‘Derry Girls has taught me more about the history of Northern Ireland and Britain than anything that I have been taught in school’,” McSweeney said.

“I think if you put aside the absolute disgrace it is that there’s such a gap in the educational system here that they have to look to a comedy to find out about Northern Irish politics that still have an effect today, I think it shows how good the medium of comedy can be to spread a message.”

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