Maren Morris Mocks Brittany Aldean Feud With Halloween Costume Meme

Maren Morris is saying “Boo!” to Brittany Aldean, Tucker Carlson and anyone else who doesn’t support trans rights. In a hilarious Thursday (Oct. 27) Instagram post, the 32-year-old singer-songwriter shared her idea for a Halloween costume this year: “Lunatic Country Music Person,” aka the title she was given by the Fox News host after she hit back at transphobic comments made Aldean, who is married to country artist Jason Aldean.

Morris’ post comes on the heels of a popular meme that’s taken off on the internet in the past few days, in which people creatively edit a photo of a Spirit Halloween package to look like a fake, funny costume idea. For her take on the trend, the “Middle” singer plastered a photo of herself on the package, labeled “Lunatic Country Music Person.”


The faux costume set features a list of included items: “tambourine, inclusive fans, pickleball paddle, wig, beef with transphobes.”

That last item is likely a nod to her highly publicized feud with Brittany Aldean, which started in August when Morris took shots at transphobic comments Brittany made on Instagram.

“It’s so easy to, like, not be a scumbag human?” the Grammy winner tweeted about Brittany, who went on to say gender-affirming care was equivalent to the “genital mutilation of children.” Continued Morris, “Sell your clip-ins and zip it, Insurrection Barbie.”

Carlson entered the ring not long after that. While interviewing Brittany in September about the online showdown, he blasted Morris for being a “lunatic country music person.” Not only did Morris take the jab in stride, but she also printed the phrase on a line of merchandise that ended up raising more than $100,000 for GLAAD’s Transgender Media Program and Trans Lifeline.

The “Make You Stay” artist also poked a little fun at herself, namely the height difference between her and her husband, Ryan Hurd, with whom she shares 2-year-old son Hayes. “Tall guy not included,” reads her fake Spirit Halloween package, referencing Hurd’s height of 6-foot-3 (according to Google).

And as a quip about her own 5-foot-1 stature, the bottom of the costume reads, “Child size costume.”

See Maren Morris’ “Lunatic Country Music Person” Halloween costume idea below:

Hannah Dailey