Mallive Drops Mesmerizing House Single, “Wish I XX Love U” [Truthfully Records]

Starting in 2015 with only “a Macbook and a dream,” Mallive made a name for himself by quickly rising through the ranks of the Future Bass world. Working with Heroic Recordings – the Netherlands-based label that would eventually spawn San Holo and Bitbird – he released a string of singles and the widely celebrated Nogawa EP. 2016 and 2017 saw the release of official remixes for Wolf Colony, Ark Patrol, and even the superstar DJs Vanic and Kap Slap.

Then, out of nowhere, Mallive mysteriously disappeared for five years…

But now he’s back and we couldn’t be more excited for the first single since his hiatus, titled “Wish I XX Love U“, signed to Truthfully Records. Yet again, Mallive reminds us just how good he is in the studio. No genre can contain his talent, as this time he fuses house and uk garage elements into a mezmerizing result as a pitched vocal lingers swirls to and fro, whisking you away into the beautiful aura of the song.

“This song is about intimacy & acceptance. The lyric is ‘wish I didn’t love you, but I do’. To love someone, to become intertwined with another, is terrifying. You are responsible to them, and they, to you. But that’s what it’s all about: to be something more than yourself. So be here, be brave, & love them anyway. – Mallive

And on a lighter note, he adds, “oh and I don’t like putting apostrophes in my titles so I just dropped the “didn’t” and put a x for each of the syllables — also so spotify thinks i’m related to Jamie.

Hear it for yourself below!

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