Lorde’s sister Indy Yelich shares new single ‘Killer’


Indy Yelich, the little sister of Lorde, has shared a new single – listen to ‘Killer’ below.

The singer emerged last month with her debut single ‘Threads’, after “secretly working away at music for 4 years”.

Speaking of new song ‘Killer’ in a statement, Yelich said: “‘Killer’ is about the different sides of myself; anxiety ridden, self sabotaging and the bold, cheeky side.

“I wrote ‘Killer’ when I was on my way to a session at Diplo’s house. I was having an anxiety attack, and was 30 minutes late already. In the car I just remember looking in the car mirror in the uber and feeling inferior, red hot with frustration.”

She added: “This song to me is about embracing being your own worst enemy, embracing the anxiety. This song is mischievous and me expressing my own frustrations.”

Watch the track’s video, directed by Jones Crow and Max Movish, below.

Speaking about the video, Crow said: “She’s complex innocence. A beacon of light in a sea of polluted airwaves. Her excitement for everything makes everything exciting. Her lyrics are poetic splendour delivered by a voice of an angel.”

Movish added: “Indy has given me the honour of not only managing her, but directing/producing her creative vision. On this visual she allowed Jones and myself to take her to a darker more mysterious place. She assumed the role and was able to carry the visual. I am extremely excited for the world to be introduced to this side of Indy and see all that she has to offer both sonically and visually.”

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