Lizzo Can’t Handle the Joy in First Trailer for HBO Max Doc ‘Love, Lizzo’: ‘I’m Bouta Have a Panic Attack’

Lizzo was pumped to share the first official trailer for her upcoming HBO documentary Love, Lizzo on Thursday (Nov. 10). How excited? “Girl.. I’m bouta have a panic attack,” she tweeted along with the 90-second trailer for the film that documents her rise from a shy kid writing pop songs in her bedroom to the world-beating pop superstar who made the flute rock.


“No matter what part of my story you come in at, I’m always chasing the music,” the rapper/singer says at the beginning of the trailer for the HBO Max doc that drops on Nov. 24. “Y’all have no idea how close I was to this not being a thing.” The high-energy preview opens with Lizzo getting glammed up before taking the stage for a massive show and sitting for a photo shoot before taking us all the way back to Melissa Jefferson chilling in her childhood Detroit bedroom where Lizzo informs us that even as she was learning the pop songwriting craft as a child, she lacked the confidence in her voice to sing them for anyone.

We then watch as she grows from a shy tween to a more confident young woman trying to figure out how to make it in the business. “Nobody was trying to sign a fat, black girl that rapped, sang and played the flute,” she says as we see her progress from a bleach-blonde punk to the global woodwind wonder — including footage of her recent visit to Washington where she got to play some seriously old-school historical instruments.

An official press release about the doc says it will explore “the journey of a trailblazing superstar who has become the movement the world desperately needed just by being herself. The HBO Max documentary shares the inspirational story behind her humble beginnings to her meteoric rise with an intimate look into the moments that shaped her hard-earned rise to fame, success, love and international stardom.”

The trailer ends with Lizzo in the studio and on stage in front of tens of thousands, marveling at finding her voice and being a mirror for the fans who come out to see themselves in her at shows. “Music gave me the opportunity to be who I am,” she says as her anthem “To Be Loved” blasts from the speakers.

The documentary is the second streaming release for the superstar this year, arriving several months after Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, which premiered on March 25 via Prime Video.

Watch the Love, Lizzo trailer below.

Gil Kaufman