Lil Nas X Snaps Back at Complaints About His Wiggles Collaboration in the Most Lil Nas X Way

Lil Nas X is super excited about his upcoming collaboration with Australian children’s act The Wiggles. Not everyone, however, is as pumped. Back in December, the “Industry Baby” rapper posted an image with the colorful group in which he held up a purple shirt as he posed with the beloved “Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo” singers.

“New collab in the wind?” read the caption.

Fans lost their minds, with one writing, “100% support this can’t wait to take the little one if lil nas comes to Melbourne,” while another said, “The Wiggles MUST work with Lil Nas X. It sends a wonderful message about acceptance and as an added bonus, annoys conservatives.”

But a number of Wiggles fans were not nearly as psyched, with some posting comments including: “I will be done with wiggles, absolutely not,” “this is strange,” “Why Wiggles, WHY?? You have betrayed us,” “So inappropriate” and the real kicker, “Such a shame, my daughter loved the Wiggles. I don’t see how someone who lap dances the devil in their music videos is a good candidate for working in the children’s music industry.”

The latter was a reference to X’s devil flirting in the racy “Montero” video, in which he gives Beelzebub a lap dance. Lil Nas has also created controversy in the past by releasing some satanic-themed Air Max 97 sneakers allegedly containing human blood. When someone referenced that stunt in a tweet that read, “Lil Nas X has put human blood into 666 pairs of his design for nike shoes and is now planning to collaborate with The wiggles,” Lil Nas snapped back with the perfect retort.

“What’s the problem,” he tweeted.

To be fair, none of this should surprise anyone. Back in April of 2022 Lil Nas said he wanted the Wiggles to co-headline his tour two years after he announced that he wanted them to appear on a remix of his single “Rodeo.” At the time, the kid group responded, “We don’t know what’s happening, but this is amazing.”

Check out the original post and Lil Nas’ reaction below.

Gil Kaufman