‘League of Legends’ and ‘Valorant’ are coming to Game Pass with exclusive rewards

Riot Games and Xbox have announced details on a partnership that will see some of Riot’s biggest titles hitting Game Pass, including the likes of Valorant and League of Legends.

And in a first for Game Pass, Riot will also be bringing its mobile games to the service. The list of games coming to Microsoft’s subscription platform include Valorant (PC), League of Legends (PC), Teamfight Tactics (PC and mobile), League of Legends: Wild Rift (mobile) and Legends of Runeterra (PC and mobile).

The partnership will allow players to link their Riot Account to their Game Pass membership. From December 12, doing so will grant the player a wide range of rewards and member-only benefits across Riot’s titles.

Full details on how to link your Xbox and Riot Games profiles, and the associated in-game rewards, are available here.

Valorant players who link their Game Pass accounts will unlock all current agents, and will receive day one access to every new agent as they’re released, as well as a 20 per cent match XP boost to Battle Pass, Event Pass and active Agent Contract progress.

Valorant. Credit: Riot Games.
Valorant. Credit: Riot Games.

League of Legends players meanwhile will receive all 160+ champions, day-one access to every new champion and a 20 per cent XP boost.

Teamfight Tactics players will unlock a one-star Rare Little Legend Tactician, as well as four arena skins until April 2023, and one arena skin on a monthly rotation after that.

Players of the mobile-exclusive League of Legends: Wild Rift will unlock all 80+ champions, day one access to each new champion as well as a 20 per cent XP boost. Finally, Legends of Runterra players will unlock all cards in the Foundations set.

Additionally, any player who links their Xbox profile to a riot account before January 1 2023 will receive extra in-game rewards: a Masterwork Chest and Key in League of Legends, a random Emote Chest in Wild Rift, a Prismatic Chest in Legends of Runterra, a Little Legend Rare Egg in Teamfight Tactics and a Pocket Sage Buddy in Valorant.

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