Lady Gaga and Beyoncé producer BloodPop launches game studio Genpop Interactive to “change the shooter genre”

BloodPop, Lady Gaga. Credit: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images.

BloodPop has announced the formation of Genpop Interactive, a new game studio that is working on an “ambitious” third-person shooter.

Genpop Interactive has been co-founded alongside former Bandai Namco executive Aubrey Tennant, and aims to “drive forward the next-gen of music, fashion and gaming culture”.

Bloodpop, a Grammy-winning musician who has collaborated with the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and Charli XCX, will serve as Genpop Interactive’s CEO and revealed the studio aims to break away from the game industry’s trend of re-releases and games from existing franchises.

“At a time when low risk tolerance among established studios has resulted in predictable re-releases capitalizing on millennial nostalgia, Gen-Z is eager for new IP that speaks to them, and has a long legacy that defines their generation,” shared BloodPop.

“Major studios have become complacent, relying on giving the Weekend At Bernie’s treatment to their old IP with their publicly traded necromancy,” the CEO continued. “We aren’t just on a mission to create the next great game, but nurture the next generation of popular culture.”

Credit: Genpop Interactive.
Credit: Genpop Interactive.

Genpop Interactive works remotely and has over 25 developers, with the studio revealing that its employees have previously worked on the likes of League Of Legends, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Sims and Halo Infinite.

The studio has raised £5.3million ($6.5million) in funding from investors, with Tennant – Genpop’s COO – claiming the financing means Genpop is “uniquely positioned to change the shooter genre with a layered social world that changes based on feedback from the community”.

Andrew Wilson, representing Genpop investor Makers Fund, added that the studio has “created an incredible game world, shaped by players and […] expertly blends the best game, music, and pop culture”.

The studio is yet to reveal its first game.

In other gaming news, a new studio founded by former Criterion developers has also been announced.

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