Kanye West Shares Video of Tucker Carlson Visiting Yeezy Offices Ahead of Fox News Interview

Kanye West took to social media on Thursday (Oct. 6) to share a video of Fox News host Tucker Carlson stopping by the new Yeezy offices for a visit.

“TUCKER CARLSON STOPPED BY THE NEW YEEZY OFFICE FUN GOD IS GOOD,” the rapper captioned the clip on his Instagram feed.


After being served a welcome drink known as the Donda (“I’m pretty open-minded about what I put in my mouth,” Carlson said), the Fox News personality learned all about Yeezy’s latest experiment in 3D-printed shoes — including the possibility of creating a “3D printing facility, like a farm.”

“Can I ask a stupid question?” Carlson asked a Yeezy employee about the futuristic footwear. “Are they assembled? Is the sole attached or are they printed…” He then seemed positively mind-blown when the employee explained that each shoe was “one solid piece” produced over 30 hours. (“So no labor costs, then?” he chimed in before trying a boot on himself.)

Carlson’s visit included an interview with West that will air Thursday night on Fox News.

It’s been a typically controversial week for West, whose Yeezy Season 9 show at Paris Fashion Week included him and conservative activist Candace Owens wearing matching long-sleeved shirts emblazoned with the phrase “White Lives Matter.”

The stunt prompted an official response from the Black Lives Matter organization, and Ye found himself feuding with everyone from Gigi Hadid — over his mockery of Black Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson for criticizing the show — to former sister-in-law Khloé Kardashian.

Since then, he’s also pulled both Justin Bieber into the fray over whether or not he’s been “canceled” and lashed out at former friend John Legend via Instagram.

Watch Kanye’s post about Carlson below.

Glenn Rowley