Kanye West Addresses Anti-Semitic Comments, Says He ‘Fought Fire With Fire’

Kanye West sat down for an interview with Piers Morgan on Wednesday (Oct. 19), where the rapper didn’t show any remorse for his string of anti-Semitic comments throughout the past few weeks.

When asked if he was “sorry” that he said he was going to go “death con 3” on Jewish people, Ye simply replied, “Absolutely not.”

Morgan then quipped, “You should be,” to which Ye repeated, “Absolutely not.”

The English broadcaster continued to push back against West, explaining that his comments are as “racist as anything you’ve been through,” while the Yeezy founder is seen laughing. “Racism is racism, and you know that, don’t you?” Morgan asks.

“Yeah, obviously. That’s why I said it,” Ye replied. “I fought fire with fire. I’m not here to get hosed down. It’s a different type of freedom fighter.”

Later on in the interview, Ye proceeded to give a somewhat feeble apology to “the families of the people who had nothing to do” with his “trauma,” adding that “hurt people hurt people.”

Ye went on an aggressive anti-Semitic rant on social media earlier this month. After posting that he was about to go “death con 3” on “Jewish people” over the weekend of Oct. 8, he was temporarily restricted from using both Instagram and Twitter.

In a Drink Champs interview last week, Ye declared offensive remarks, blaming the murder of George Floyd on fentanyl and claiming that Jewish people are “[owning] the Black voice” through Black people wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt, “being signed to a record label, or having a Jewish manager, or being signed to a Jewish basketball team, or doing a movie on a Jewish platform like Disney.” 

Rania Aniftos