Jung Kook’s 19 Best Solo Musical Moments

Throughout Jung Kook‘s professional career, the BTS superstar has made a point to use his birthday to share more of himself as a musician with fans. Whether it’s been to upload a cover of a song by any of his favorite artists or share work-in-progress demos of his solo work, Jung Kook uses every Sept. 1 to celebrate music in a big way.

Even before his official debut with BTS in 2013, Jung Kook had shared covers and collaborated with his band members on SoundCloud tracks — crucial early steps in creating the BTS ARMY we know today. Despite being the group’s youngest member — who debuted when he was still a teenager — Jung Kook has always taken the time to share the latest artists and tracks he loves while also giving fans glimpses into his budding career as a soloist.


While BTS ensured the focus remained on the group during their first nine years together, the moments each member has been able to show on his own are particularly precious. From memorable performances at awards shows to different television appearances, Jung Kook has made sure that each of his solo moments — sometimes alongside artists he enjoys, including individual BTS members — counts.

To celebrate BTS’ “golden maknae,” take the time to honor Jung Kook’s musicality with his best moments as a soloist. With works uploaded as early as 2013 to his first top 40 hit as a soloist, one can hear the ongoing growth and development in his vocals, technique, showmanship and confidence through the years.

Below, revisit the performances where Jung Kook acts as one of the leading performers and enjoy the evolution.

Jeff Benjamin