Johnny Marr says he has written a new song for Blondie

Johnny Marr and Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry CREDIT: Debbie Harry

Johnny Marr says he has written a new song with Blondie.

The former Smiths man, who most recently teamed up with Noel Gallagher on his new single ‘Pretty Boy’, previously penned ‘My Monster’ on the veteran rockers’ 2017 album ‘Pollinator’.

Speaking on the Amazon Music podcast The Line-Up With Shaun Keaveny, Marr said: “I’ve written another new one for the new current record that they’re recording. I don’t know whether it will end up on the album, you never know. But they seemed to really like it.”

He went to discuss working on ‘My Monster’ on Blondie’s last album and how it ended up leading to further material.

Johnny Marr CREDIT: Andy Cotterill/Press


Marr continued: “It’s a new level of wow for me because they are my lyrics, Debbie’s singing my lyrics and then she what wanted another one, because ‘My Monster’ I wrote specifically for Blondie and then you know, it went well. So then they asked me if I got any more. So I wrote another one for Blondie. But they took so long recording it, I did it myself. It was on the B side of a seven inch single.

“I wasn’t about to put it on an album, just in case, but that’s called ‘Spectral Eyes’. And it’s again, it was one that I specifically wrote for Blondie. So on a lyrical level, you know that people covering songs that I write the words to you is you know, that’s something I never imagined, really frankly.”

Earlier this year, it was also confirmed that Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock is set to appear on Blondie‘s new album.

The bassist previously stepped in for Leigh Foxx on Blondie’s April 2022 UK and US tour after Foxx suffered a back injury. The musician has since been announced to play bass on the band’s follow-up to 2017’s ‘Pollinator’ while Foxx recuperates.

“Glen has just been great. Unlike ‘Pollinator’, we’re mostly keeping this album in-house: it’s just the band and Glen playing on it. He’s fitted right in,” guitarist Chris Stein said.

Further details of the band’s upcoming album are still to be announced.

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