Joe Jonas Says His New Movie ‘Devotion‘ Put the ‘Pressure’ on Him as an Actor

Joe Jonas opened up in a new interview on Tuesday (Nov. 22) about what it was like tackling his big screen acting debut in the new war drama Devotion.

“Yeah, there were nerves that would come into play here and there, but it’s good to feel something like that again,” the Jonas Brothers singer told Entertainment Weekly of his experience on the set of the Korean War epic. “It’s been a while since I was putting myself in rooms where you’re like, ‘Oh, okay, I’ve got to show up, I’ve got to show my worth in this, and the pressure is on now,’ and how do you bottle that up and utilize it and use it to your advantage, instead of letting it just eat you and take over.”


For the film, which hit theaters nationwide Wednesday (Nov. 23), Jonas also recorded “Not Alone,” his new collab with Khalid. Co-written with Ryan Tedder, the emotional ballad plays over the end credits of Devotion. “I got to see the movie early on, and I brought my friend Ryan Tedder,” he said. “There was a grand piano that happened to be in the screening room, so we started working on the song and brought in a friend of ours, Harv, and I brought in Khalid, and we finished the tune, and that became ‘Not Alone.’

“It really came down to the fact that the one thing [the characters] have is that they’re there for each other, regardless if they are there for them physically,” he added of the track’s thematic connection to the movie.

Telling the story of real-life fighter pilots Jesse Brown and Tom Hudner, Devotion also stars Jonathan Majors, Glen Powell, Christina Jackson, Ali Asghar Shah, Thomas Sadowski, Serinda Swan, Daren Kagasoff and more.

Glenn Rowley