Jessie J Celebrates U.K. Mother’s Day With Ultrasound Photo & Sweet Message to Unborn Son

Jessie J is ready for motherhood and took to Instagram on U.K.’s Mother’s Day (March 19), to share a heartwarming message to her unborn son.

“Thank you for coming to me. Thank you for trusting me that my body can keep you safe. Thank you for gifting me with the most special experience already so far and with the most important role I will ever play in my entire life,” the pregnant star captioned an ultrasound photo, in which the baby appears to be smiling.

“I love you so hard it blows my mind this is real. I’m yours forever my son. I cannot wait to meet you. And see this smile in real life,” she continued. She also shouted out her baby boy’s father, basketball player Chanan Safir Colman. “I love your Daddy so much, you wouldn’t be on your way without him,” she wrote. “He is the most patient, calm and good looking man. You are going to LOVE him when you meet him.”

“I feel so emotional as every Mother’s Day before this one has been so different,” she concluded.

Jessie J revealed that she’s expecting her first child in January, more than a year since the British pop singer revealed she suffered a pregnancy loss in November 2021, after deciding to move forward with getting pregnant on her own. At the time, she shared she’d been informed by doctors that her baby had no heartbeat following her third checkup. “I feel like I have no control of my emotions,” she wrote. “I may regret posting this. I may not. I actually don’t know.”

See her heartwarming Mother’s Day post below.

Rania Aniftos