James Buckley says he avoids public urinals due to ‘Inbetweeners’ fans

Inbetweeners James Buckley

The Inbetweeners star James Buckley has said he avoids public urinals to stop being cornered by fans.

The actor, who played Jay Cartwright in the E4 sitcom, said he doesn’t dislike fans but now avoids public bathrooms as he doesn’t want to be interrupted anymore.

“I don’t feel comfortable enough to use a urinal anymore,” Buckley began in an interview on the Headstrong podcast.

“I haven’t used one for years, I’ve always got to go to a cubicle because it has happened, I’m there with it out and people are trying to talk to me about The Inbetweeners. I’m like, ‘Do you want to give me 30 seconds?’”

Buckley has risen to fame once more on Cameo, becoming the first non-US celebrity to make $1million (£920,000) on the video recording platform.

According to Cameo co-founder Martin Blencowe, who commented on Buckley’s success in 2021, the actor was responding to up to 37 requests for videos per day (per Independent).

The actor still maintains he won’t get used to being recognised in public, telling Headstrong: “I never considered being famous or anything like that. I’ve got a very low level of fame, but it’s still unusual, it doesn’t feel very natural, it feels very odd. I just wanted to be an actor, more specifically I just wanted to make people laugh on television.

“I didn’t really consider that there might be a chance that people would recognise me if I walked down the street. It’s not something that I really thought too much about at the time. It is a bit odd. I don’t want people to have a preconception of me. People are usually just very disappointed when they meet me.”

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Ella Kemp