Jack Harlow as ‘SNL’ Host: Watch His Monologue & All His Sketches

Jack Harlow pulled double duty as host and musical guest of SNL and was part of an episode with some of the most memorable sketches of this season of Saturday Night Live, so far.

As host of Oct. 29’s Saturday Night Live, he set the scene for the night ahead with a laid-back monologue that showed he has no problem playing around and making fun of himself.

Bringing up some of the top jokes about himself he’s seen on the internet, Harlow said, “One guy said, ‘I don’t know why y’all think Jack Harlow is so special. You can find somebody who looks like him at any local gas station.”


“I’ve heard them say I look like ‘If you tried to draw Justin Timberlake from memory,'” he recalled.

The rapper added, “I think my favorite one might be ‘Jack Harlow looks like the guy who rips the tickets in half at the movie theater.'”

“I’ve also heard people try to romantically link me and Lil Nas X as an item,” said Harlow. “I’m gonna tell you right now, no. Everything that happened between us was casual. And consensual. And one of the best nights of my entire life … working with him, working with him.”

A couple of the best sketches of the night starred Harlow, including a hilarious AA meeting that somehow turned into a pitch for a Pixar film and featured a surprise cameo from Tom Hanks. Hanks returned for a reprise of his classic David S. Pumpkins character, with Harlow along for the ride.

Another SNL sketch led by Harlow imagined him joining the ladies of The View, and wooing Ego Nwodim’s Whoopi. “Don’t compliment me all quiet like that, Jack,” she said. “I have been closed for business since before you were born.” Harlow shot back, “Well, I’m looking forward to the grand reopening.”

Harlow also appeared as a giant tampon, a Kentucky groom with a Joker of a best man, and a tableside flair bartender with some not-so-smooth synchronized moves (with Bowen Yang). In a cut-for-time, pre-taped sketch, he was the star of a JNCO jeans ad with a twist.

He also brought Come Home the Kids Miss You vibes to SNL, with a medley of “Lil Secret” and “First Class,” plus a separate performance of “State Fair.” See both of those performances here after you watch his monologue and sketches below.

Jack Harlow Monologue – SNL

AA Meeting – SNL

The View: Jack Harlow – SNL

David Pumpkins Returns – SNL

Halloween Red Carpet Show – SNL

Joker Wedding – SNL

Bartenders – SNL

JNCO Longs – SNL (Cut for Time)

Ashley Iasimone