Is There a Viable Path From Singing to Acting? Lunay, Ambar Lucid & Isabela Merced Discuss in ‘Cultura Clash’

Puerto Rican artist Lunay most recently made his big-screen debut in The Valet alongside Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez. The singer and rapper is among a new generation of musicians who are eyeing a potential career in Hollywood — but for musicians, is there a blueprint for him to follow?

This is the topic discussed in the latest Cultura Clash episode featuring Lunay, singer-songwriter and aspiring actress Ambar Lucid (Elite), and singer and actress Isabela Merced (Father of the Bride).

“The community and my fans know me for my music,” the “Soltera” singer says. “When I say I want to enter the world of acting well it’s like my crossover. I have fans who are ready to accept me in any transition I want to make so it makes me really to be able to enter this world. I love to sing and act and there’s no other way. I’m truly focused on both.”

Whether there is a viable path from acting to singing, Merced, who released her latest single “Agonía,” says there is a way, and singers who’ve carved a lane for themselves in the music industry could be at an advantage. “I think if you establish yourself in one career significantly enough then you will have an easy transition. Whether you’ll be good at it or not, that’s up to you.”

On this week’s episode, hosted by YouTube’s A.J. Ramos and presented by Capital One, the three artists also opened up about receiving backlash on social media, the artist they most admired growing up for breaking gender norms, and much more. 

Now in its second season, Cultura Clash — hosted by Latin executive AJ Ramos — spotlights Latin artists and influencers who discuss trending topics within Latin culture and music. A new episode airs every Wednesday on, social media, and Billboard‘s YouTube channel.  Watch this week’s episode above.

Griselda Flores