Is ‘Escape From Tarkov’ down?

Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games.

Realistic shooter Escape From Tarkov today received a progression wipe, resetting progress for all players. This is a big community event that comes once every six months. Unfortunately, it seems players are unable to get into game currently, with many players – including NME writers – getting a POST error.

The error code is: Error on POST Status code: BadGateway. This seems to indicate that the game is trying to access the last patch, as the game is currently on patch 0.13 and not the 0.12.12 patch that was previously in place until the update today (28 December)

It’s unsure what causes this in technical terms but it seems like it could be a result of the servers getting hammered by all of the players trying to get access to Tarkov at the same time. Streams are currently live on Twitch, so it’s possible that it’s affecting a small proportion of players, too. Generally, developer Battlestate Games moves quickly on fixing problems so it’s expected that the issue will resolve within an hour or two.

For anyone that can get in, Escape From Tarkov‘s 0.13 patch adds the Streets of Tarkov map, grenade launchers, a score of other weapons and even new combat stims. You can also repair your armour to give it new bonus characteristics.

NME will report on any fix as soon as one is announced.

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