Iceland Eurovision star Daði Freyr shares four new songs

Daði Freyr

Daði Freyr, Iceland’s 2021 representative in the Eurovision Song Contestant, has announced his debut album and shared four songs from it.

‘I Made An Album’ will be released in late summer, and today (March 17) Freyr has released the tracks ‘I’m Fine’, ‘Limit To Love’, ‘Shut Up’ and ‘Thank You’.

Of the upcoming release, he said: “Good vibes only. Love who you are, unless you’re a horrible person, then change! I’m making an album. I started making it in 2021 and I’m almost done with it. For some reason it was really important to me that I would make this album alone. I didn’t want anybody else writing on it, producing it or playing any of the instruments.

“This resulted in a very personal album that I think clearly reflects who I am as an artist at this moment. It’s about accepting who you are, who the people around you are and being tired because the world is a lot. I wanted to release this album and know that it was 100% me, no compromises. I will be cheating on that rule for the last song on the last part of the album but that’s for future me to worry about.”

Listen to the four tracks below. A second drop will follow ahead of the album’s release in late summer.

Of the recording process for ‘I Made An Album’, Freyr added: “I recorded all the songs in my home studio in Berlin, first in Schöneberg but when we had to move because of mold I finished it in Wedding. I started the album when my wife was pregnant with our second child and now that kid is starting kindergarten.

“I had to squeeze in time whenever I could to record and produce. Some of the songs were partially written on the road while touring since I did a lot more of that in 2021 than I had originally planned because of shows being moved as a result of the pandemic.
“I take influence from almost all the music I hear. Very inspired by my friends and family, I think that’s the main thing.”
Freyr represented Iceland at Eurovision 2021 with his track ‘10 Years’ but had to pull out of the live semi-final after one of his bandmates tested positive for COVID.

Speaking to NME in 2021, Freyr admitted he hadn’t started writing his debut, but had made a spreadsheet of how he wanted it laid out. “I’m going to have the layout of the whole album before I start because I want it to be a cohesive thing. It’s going to have a theme throughout, I think I’m going to go somewhat sci-fi but I’m not completely sure.”

Eurovision 2023 will be held in Liverpool – listen to every song entry here.

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