HyunA announces the end of her six-year relationship with DAWN

hyuna dawn 1+1=1 mini album

South Korean musicians HyunA and DAWN have ended their six-year relationship.

Yesterday (November 30), HyunA took to her personal Instagram page to write a brief post announcing that she and DAWN have parted ways as a couple. “We broke up. We decided to remain as good friends and colleagues from now on,” the ‘Nabillera’ singer wrote in her vague post, as translated by Soompi“Thank you always for your support and for looking over us fondly.”

A day after HyunA broke the news (December 1), DAWN followed suit by similarly posting a brief letter on his own Instagram page addressing the break-up. “Hello, I’m DAWN. I won’t talk too much about this. Even after we broke up, she’s just as precious to me,” he wrote, referring to HyunA albeit never mentioning her name. “She’s the most sincere and coolest person I’ve ever met, and she’s the artist I will continue to love the most.”

“Please don’t live like this and spend your precious time in good places,” DAWN concluded. Neither HyunA nor DAWN have shared further information regarding the circumstances behind their decision to call their romance quits at the time of publication.

HyunA and DAWN began dating sometime in 2016 while both singers were labelmates under CUBE Entertainment, however only publicly announced their romance in 2018. Following the announcement of their relationship in the public sphere, the pair subsequently left CUBE Entertainment in favour of their relationship.

They were later added to the ranks of P Nation, then a newly established music label founded and headed by ‘Gangnam Style’ singer Psy. After signing soloist contracts with P Nation, both HyunA and DAWN have since released music both individually and as a unit in their four years under the company.

HyunA’s last solo release was the mini-album ‘Nabillera’, headlined by a title track of the same name. Meanwhile, DAWN performed an unreleased track titled ‘Stupid Cool’ live at the Kyunghee University Festival in May, and was initially slated to release new music this year. The couple have also released music together while under P Nation; in September 2021, they dropped a mini-album, ‘1+1=1’, led by title track ‘Ping Pong’. 

However, the couple announced their departure from P Nation in late August, just three months prior to their break-up announcement. In a statement released by the agency at the time, HyunA and DAWN were said to have parted ways with P Nation due to the expiration of their contracts. Both singers have yet to confirm if they have signed with a new label at the time of writing.

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