Howard Stern criticises “self hating” Kanye West in wake of Hitler praise

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Howard Stern has spoken out against Kanye West, calling the rapper “so self hating” in regards to the latter’s recent behaviour.

Ye’s latest spate of controversy came after he praised Hitler on an episode of far-right activist Alex Jones’s podcast, Infowars. As the show cut to a break, Jones told the ‘DONDA’ artist that he did not like Nazis or Hitler, to which West interjected: “I like Hitler.”

Last week, West was banned from Twitter for the third time in less than two months after he shared an image of a Star of David inside a swastika. He subsequently returned to Instagram, where he called Elon Musk a “genetic hybrid”.

Speaking on his SiriusXM radio show yesterday (December 5), Stern – who is Jewish – said that Ye’s antisemitism made conspiracy theorist Jones seem like “a bleeding heart liberal” (via Billboard).

“Alex Jones kept trying to throw him a life preserver and Kanye would just slap it away. It was pretty fucking crazy,” the host explained of the interview in question.

“I guess he doesn’t know he is Black. He doesn’t understand what Hitler thought of Jews, Black people. [He] thought they were all inferior. He wanted to sterilise Black people. […] For a Black man to be running around saying he loves Hitler, what happened to this guy? What in his life led him to this mental illness?”

Kanye West
Kanye West. CREDIT: Gotham/GC Images

Stern also spoke about his “psychological theory” about West. “I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks that maybe he hates being Black so much,” he said.

“He’s so self hating. He wants to wear a hood and pretend he’s a white man. A white man in the Nazi party. In a weird way despises being Black and wants to be accepted by Nazis.”

Meanwhile, an online petition has been launched in a bid to remove West’s music from streaming services such as SpotifyApple Music and Amazon Music.  The page has over 63,000 signatures at the time of writing.

Elsewhere, Milo Yiannopoulos has confirmed he is no longer working on Kanye West‘s 2024 presidential campaign.

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