How to preload ‘Warzone 2’ for all platforms

Warzone 2. Credit: Activision Blizzard.

Though Warzone 2 players won’t be able to jump into the new battle royale until tomorrow (November 16), it’s worth downloading the game ahead of launch so that you can start playing as soon as it’s live – to that end, here’s when (and how) to preload Warzone 2.

Good news – preloading for Warzone 2 is already available. Preloading is available for all platforms (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S) and can be started by navigating to Warzone 2 on your platform’s storefront and starting the download.

It’s worth noting that PC players have two options for pre-loading, as Warzone 2 will be available on both and Steam. However, starting the preload is still just a matter of logging into whichever storefront you would rather play through and clicking to begin the download.

Once you have the game downloaded, here’s the exact time you can start playing it from.

As players prepare to get started, it may be worth refreshing yourself on what the sequel will bring. As outlined earlier in the month, Warzone 2 packs several key changes to the original, but the biggest of which is the new map of Al Mazrah – which you can familiarise yourself with here.

Elsewhere, new features include aquatic combat, several collapsing circles across the map, and a third-person playlist. Players will also be able to interrogate player-controlled foes to reveal the location of other enemies, and two new vehicles – the heavy chopper and Hummer EV – will also be available to use across Al Mazrah.

Additionally, several streamers who were given an early preview of Warzone 2 have claimed that the battle royale will have tactical nukes for players to seize, which can be used to win a match.

However, actually using the bomb will be “extremely difficult,” according to the game’s developer.

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