‘House Party’’s Doja Cat expansion is getting review bombed over a lack of explicit content

Adult adventure sim House Party’s new Doja Cat expansion is getting review bombed due to a lack of “Adult Only” content.

Developed and published by Eek Games, House Party is an “edgy comedy adventure game inspired by classic comedies of the ’90s. Every decision changes your story and every character has something to reveal. There’s also a button to take your pants off.”

In other words, players can fight or hook up with any of the 15 non player characters at the titular house party.

Last month, House Party’s first ever expansion pack launched, featuring Doja Cat. “This downloadable content (DLC) adds hours of fun new content and branching stories to the House Party game’s original story centered around and fully voice-acted by Doja Cat herself,” reads the announcement.

The news also came with a note that promised “an intimacy scene with Doja Cat in this Expansion Pack, if you hit it off with her. It is a Mature rated scene” however Eek Games also said “the Explicit Content Add-On does not add any Adult Only rated content to this DLC.”

The expansion has since received a large number of negative reviews on Steam with the Doja Cat DLC being met with a “mostly negative” response. It comes as the original House Party currently has a “Very Positive” review score.

“Total cash grab. I was very disappointed. They add a new character in a sex game, that you can’t have sex with. The Devs knew what they were doing. They knew they would get lots of sales for this DLC knowing full well people were expecting to be able to have sex with Doja Cat. Waste of money,” wrote one player.

“It’s probably safe to assume that Doja didn’t want to have sexually explicit content with her likeness (which is understandable), but It’s pretty dumb to include her in a literal porn game if that’s the reason, especially under a price tag. Transparency with the consumer is important, and unfortunately Eek! Games dropped the ball,” added another while another review reads: “Waste of money. If you are expecting a NSFW scene with Doja Cat, then skip and save your money, bought the DLC then refunded it once i learned there was no sex in my sex game.”

Responding to comments about House Party being a “porn game”, developers Eek Games wrote: “That’s a misconception. The base game doesn’t have any “porn” in it. It’s ESRB rated M for Mature 17+. You’re probably thinking of our Explicit Content Add-On DLC.”

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