‘House Of The Dragon’: Matt Smith and Fabien Frankel think Daemon Targaryen and Ser Criston Cole “fancy each other”

Fabien Frankel as Ser Criston Cole and Matt Smith as Prince Daemon Targaryen in 'House Of The Dragon'

House Of The Dragon actor Fabien Frankel has said that he and his co-star Matt Smith have a theory that Prince Daemon Targaryen and Ser Criston Cole “fancy each other”.

In a new video interview with NME, Frankel, who portrays the Ser Criston in the Game Of Thrones spin-off prequel series, said that Smith (Daemon Targaryen) believes their characters have repressed sexual desire for one another.

“Matt said that he thinks that they kind of fancy each other. I kind of back that as a thing. I hadn’t initially thought about it but now I think that’s what I’m going to sell,” Frankel said.

The actor added that it could stem from both characters “kind of [admiring] each other, I guess”, as firm rivals.

In the beginning of HBO‘s fantasy drama Ser Criston falls in love with Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (played by Milly Alcock, younger version; Emma D’Arcy, older) whom is niece to Prince Daemon. But Daemon, too, becomes romantically entwined with his relative.

Frankel’s comments follow show producer Sara Hess’ comments that she’s “baffled” by viewers who are attracted to Daemon.

The character has attracted admirers online since the first episode, who have nicknamed him “daddy Daemon” in various posts on Twitter.

Events in the eighth episode helped drive the attraction further, where Daemon helped his ailing brother, King Viserys, as he stumbled up the stairs to the Iron Throne.

Considering the character’s past actions however, including the murder of his wife, the show’s producer has said she’s perplexed by the fandom around him.

House Of The Dragon
Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen in ‘House Of The Dragon’. CREDIT: HBO/Sky

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Hess said: “He’s become Internet Boyfriend in a way that baffles me. Not that Matt isn’t incredibly charismatic and wonderful, and he’s incredible in the role. But Daemon himself is… I don’t want him to be my boyfriend!

“I’m a little baffled how they’re all, ‘Oh, daddy!’ And I’m just like: ‘Really?’ How – in what way – was he a good partner, father or brother – to anybody? You got me. He ain’t Paul Rudd.”

House Of The Dragon’s first season is set to conclude this Sunday (October 23). The show has already been renewed for a second season.

In a four-star reviewNME wrote: “What is reassuring is that House Of The Dragon feels as though it is walking on solid ground: the bubbling rivalries, the jostling for power, the eruptions of violence; six episodes in, it is all coming together to create a rich stew.”

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