Honda and Billboard Celebrate International Women’s Month 2023 With Victoria Monét, Coco Jones & More

This March marks International Women’s Month, an annual observance established to recognize women for their inspiration and innumerable contributions to society.To mark the occasion, Honda pulled up to the Billboard Women In Music Awards in a fun, engaging way with a one-of-a-kind 2023 Honda CR-V Sport Hybrid to pose the question, “Who is a woman that drives and inspires you?” “Inside the vehicle, a confessional booth was set up for attendees to pay homage to the women in their lives who have mattered the most to them.

While many took the opportunity to highlight celebrities and musicians they admired, others paid homage to the strong females of their familial units, with most giving praise to their very own mothers. Such was the case for artist and songwriter Victoria Monét.

With a daughter of her own, Monét is more than cognizant of the importance of having strong female role models to lift you up when you are down and to help you to keep on going and striving towards your goals. “When I think no one is watching, she is watching me,” Monét says of being a positive influence for her 2 year old daughter Hazel, adding “so it’s a 24/7 thing.”

Victoria Monét at Honda Activation

This was also the case for singer and actress Coco Jones. “A woman who drives and inspires me… I’m going to have to say my mom,” says Jones, continuing, “if I can’t work and grind and pop off and shine like her, then I don’t know what I’m doing.”

As an entertainer who is constantly in the spotlight, Jones takes her position as a female role model more than seriously, saying it might even be her life’s purpose. Following in the image of her mother before her, Jones pledges to always “inspire the next group of young girls to be bold and courageous and unapologetically themselves.” While stating that her own road to stardom had its fair share of rocky moments, it was the inspiration of strong females like her mother that helped her to “know her why” so that she could maintain her purpose and intention behind everything she’s doing. 

Coco Jones at Honda Activation

So, who is a woman that drives and inspires you?

Walaa Elsiddig