Here‘s Why Swifties Think Taylor Swift Is Teasing ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’

Taylor Swift unveiled the whimsical music video for “Bejeweled” on Tuesday (Oct. 25), and Swifties are convinced the visual hints at Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) being the next album in the superstar’s lineup of re-recordings.

The Easter eggs start even before the Midnights track kicks in, with an instrumental version of Speak Now album cut “Enchanted” playing on the violin. (It should be noted that Swift also chose to release her new visual at the stroke of midnight on the 12th anniversary of the 2010 album’s original release.)


However, the biggest hint came when Taylor-as-Cinderella enters the elevator to go to the prince’s ball and presses the purple button for the third floor.

“EACH BUTTON REPRESENTS AN ALBUM AND NUMBER 13 IS PURPLE. SPEAK NOW TAYLOR’S VERSION IS NEXT,” one fan wrote, pointing to the colors of each of the buttons — which happen to represent the aesthetic of each of Tay’s corresponding eras. (For example, both “2” and “10” are the same color yellow for 2008’s Fearless and its 2021 re-recording; “4” and “11” are both red for 2012’s Red and its (Taylor’s Version) counterpart and so on.)

Elsewhere in the clip, the singer wears a pair of sparkly hair clips emblazoned with the letters “SN” in her Regency era updo, balances on a clock set for 3 — again, signifying her third album — and takes abuse from Laura Dern’s evil Step Mommy, who demands that she “Speak not!”

But that’s not all. Later in the video, Swift steps out onto the parapet of the castle she now owns, and the balcony just so happens to be an exact replica of the flying rig she used during the Speak Now World Tour in 2011 to fly across arenas as she performed “Love Story.”

Then, the camera pans out to reveal the castle under siege by a trio of dragons — a lyrical reference to fan favorite “Long Live” (“I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you,” anyone?) — just in time for a stately instrumental version of the Speak Now closer to play over the video’s end credits.

Check out more Swiftie theories about the litany of Speak Now Easter eggs in the “Bejeweled” video below.

Glenn Rowley