Here’s Why Kelly Clarkson Was ‘Threatened’ By Chance the Rapper During ‘The Voice’ Auditions

Chance the Rapper stopped by Kelly Clarkson‘s talk show on Monday (March 13) to chat about his first season competing against her on The Voice.

Wearing a denim bomber jacket with a faux-fur collar and one of his signature ball caps, the rapper appeared more than confident about the team he’s assembled for season 23 of the NBC reality series. “Do I think I’m gonna win The Voice? I’m pretty sure I’m gonna win,” he told Clarkson. “Yeah! You know I’m gonna win The Voice. … Yeah, my team’s fire.”


Chance brings a producer’s mentality to the coaching panel, which Clarkson admitted was a source of intimidation for her. “I will say, that’s been my favorite part, watching you,” the original American Idol winner told him. “Because I don’t know if I’ve ever really done it with a full-on producer before. You know what I’m saying? You’re a rapper, a singer and a producer.

“And it was interesting to do the Blinds with you ’cause I was threatened,” she continued. “‘Cause I was like, ‘Oh wait, what? I can’t do that, like, what he just did.’ It was cool. You were, like, producing during the Blinds, like, that was part of your pitch.”

So far, Chance has added sister trio Sorelle, Idol favorite NOIVAS and R&B crooner Magnus to his freshman team to compete against Clarkson, Blake Shelton and fellow newbie Niall Horan. Season 23 of The Voice continues this week with another round of Blind Auditions on NBC.

Watch Chance and Kelly go back and forth about their coaching strategies below.

Glenn Rowley