Here’s Why Gwen Stefani Feels ‘Sorry’ for ‘The Voice‘ Fans Amid Blake Shelton’s Departure

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been bringing laughter, mentorship and hearty competition to season 22 of The Voice, but the husband and wife duo will go their separate ways — as coaches, not spouses — for the show’s next season. Shelton announced his departure from the long-running NBC singing competition earlier this month, which Stefani revealed on Thursday (Oct. 27) makes her feel sad for fans of the show.

“He’s brought so much joy. He’s so talented,” the “Hollaback Girl” singer told Entertainment Tonight. “I know people just wait around to laugh and watch him on TV, so I feel sorry for everybody [that] he’s gonna be gone.”

“It’s so weird Blake Shelton is leaving The Voice. I wasn’t ready, you know what I mean? I have to figure out who this new Blake’s gonna be,” she added. “I’m just so proud of him.”


Speaking with Extra, Stefani explained that she was initially nervous to be working alongside her husband, as season 22 marks her first time working alongside Shelton on The Voice since they married and after a hiatus from the show.

“I was nervous because I hadn’t been on for a few seasons and I hadn’t been on since we were married, and it is different … It’s like, ‘OK, wait, how are we gonna act?’” Stefani admitted. But once the pair was on set together, her nerves faded away.

She added, “It was like nothing … Blake, he would look so handsome because he’s all made up … It was like a flow of, like, memories from meeting him on ‘The Voice’… It was just super natural.”

Watch Stefani talk about Shelton and The Voice below.

Starr Bowenbank