‘Modern Warfare 2’ safe codes for El Sin Nombre and Alone

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Credit: Infinity Ward.

The Modern Warfare 2 safes are hidden over two main campaign levels: Alone and El Sin Nombre. Each one contains useful items that will help you progress, and can really be an advantage when you play at higher difficulties. There are three safes to open, each requiring a code that is found somewhere else on the map.

Every safe that you open has a powerful weapon and a few useful items that will help you out, if you’re struggling with the stealth antics of El Sin Nombre or Alone, these should give you the edge. Also, the first Alone safe contains a silenced desert eagle which is absolutely perfect for the firefight that follows it. It’s a real life-saver.

Opening these safes often involves looking at the world around the safe, and the answer is never too far away. We’ve gone into the two levels containing safes: El Sin Nombre and Alone, to work out the safe codes so you don’t need to. The safe locations, codes and how we solved them is below:

Modern Warfare 2 safe codes

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Credit: Infinity Ward.
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Credit: Infinity Ward.

There are three safes in total across Modern Warfare 2’s campaign. One is found in the El Sin Nombre mission, the other two are found in the Alone mission. Here are the safe codes at a glance:

  • El Sin Nombre safe code: 02-02-19
  • Alone safe code 1: 10-10-80
  • Alone safe code 2: 37-60-80

El Sin Nombre safe code

The first safe can be found in the El Sin Nombre chapter.

The El Sin Nombre safe is located in Diego’s room. You can find the code by looking at the portrait in the same room. The date is the code, 02-02-19. The safe contains a Plate Carrier Armour and a silenced Lockwood 300.

Alone safe codes

The second safe you can find in Alone

There are two different safes in the mission Alone. Keep an eye out for the first just after you open the door that was being banged on by a dying man. Go past him and to the left and there’s a door that you need to open with a pry blade. The safe is inside, and the code can be worked out by the “40 years” scribble on the calendar next to the door. The code is 10-10-80. Rewards are a Throwing Knife and a .50 GS Pistol.

Alone’s second safe is much later in the mission. You’ll go into a garage later on, and can find the code in the mechanic shop by looking at the computer. That code is 37-60-80. You’ll find a Throwing Knife and Crossbow.

These are the only safes in the whole game, and unlocking them will trigger the Gentleman Thief achievement/trophy. For more on Modern Warfare 2, be sure to check out our guide on how long it takes to complete the campaign. There’s also our look at the best weapons available in Modern Warfare 2’s Multiplayer.

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