Here’s a look at the BTS BT21 and Dr. Martens collaboration

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BT21, the merchandise line created by LINE FRIENDS in partnership with BTS, has released a preview of its upcoming collaboration with UK-based footwear brand Dr. Martens.

Today (March 16), the South Korean Dr. Martens website launched a new page for the upcoming collaboration, featuring images of the upcoming products and the price range.

The BT21 and Dr. Martens collaboration will include the footwear brand’s 1461 shoes, 1460 and 2976 boots, and a mini backpack with BT21 designs. According to the Korean listings, the products will range from ₩208,000 (US$158) to ₩280,000 (US$213).

The collaboration will launch on March 30 in South Korea, with a special drawing on March 19 for winners to purchase the products ahead of time.

Meanwhile, fans in the UK have a chance to win something from the BT21 and Dr. Martens collaboration through a giveaway. The competition will run from March 15 to 28, with winners drawn at random.

In the collaboration is also set to launch in the United States, with a new landing page that allows users to sign up in order to receive updates on when the BT21 and Dr. Martens collection drops. The page also features a video that highlights the items in the upcoming collection.

The upcoming collaboration is the latest from BT21. The merchandise line previously worked together with developers of the video game Among Us on a collection of figurines, plushies and clothes.

Meanwhile, BTS member RM recently spoke up about the pursuit of youth, perfection and overachievement in K-pop, saying how “in the West, people just don’t get it”.

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