‘Halo Infinite’ is getting ray tracing on PC next year

Halo Infinite Master Chief

Halo Infinite’s PC version is set to get ray-tracing in March of next year.

The news comes from yesterdays (November 3) AMD Presents Together We Advance livestream, in which the company showcased its next generation AMD GPUs.

Halo Infinite will support ray traced shadows across both the arena and big team battle modes. For now, it seems that the update is limited to the game’s multiplayer.

Halo Infinite will support ray traced shadows across Arena and Big Team Battle Modes,” announced Scott Herkelman, senior vice president and general manager of the company’s business unit. As part of the ray-tracing update, players who own one of the RX 7000 series GPUs will see “improved lighting, sharper shadows, and increased performance.”

The full AMD Presents live stream is available below, with the Halo Infinite announcement taking place at the 26:30 mark.

The update will be made available as part of the game’s Season 3 update, which is due to launch in March 2023.

In the meantime, Halo Infinite is getting a Winter Update, which will finally add the long-demanded online campaign co-op, as well as the beta launch of the Forge mode. Additionally, the update will introduce a new 30-tier battle pass, as well as new modes, maps and events for the game. The Winter Update, which will be available for free, is set to release on November 8.

The update will not, however, add split-screen co-op to the game. Back in September, developer 343 Industries announced that it had abandoned its plans to implement split-screen co-op multiplayer to Halo Infinite. This decision was designed to “improve and accelerate ongoing live service development, and to better address player feedback and quality of life updates,” according to the developer.

In other gaming news, a “notable” number of Destiny 2 fans are playing the wrong version of the game on PlayStation 5, according to Bungie.

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