Gwen Stefani Gushes Over 16-Year-Old’s Olivia Rodrigo Cover on ‘The Voice’

The Voice on Monday night (Oct. 10) saw 16-year-old contestant Rowan Grace ripping through her rendition of Olivia Rodrigo‘s Sour track “Traitor.” Grace’s talent caused a minor battle between the coaches, primarily Gwen Stefani and John Legend.

While delivering her soulful cover of the song, which hit No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100, Legend was the first to turn his chair. Stefani followed shortly after, while Camila Cabello needed a few more moments to be sold on Grace’s vocals.

Stefani was the first to praise Grace and told the teenager, “You know what — it’s really hard to do what you just did. And at 16 years old, to channel that emotion in a note — you have a lot of hormones and you got a lot of emotions and all those things — but still to be able to control and be dynamic and tender, and then get angry … you have to live to be able to do that. Because now I turn around to find out you haven’t even lived your life yet and you’re that good. I liked your energy, I like your outfit! I need to work with you. Come on, let’s go!”


After Grace spoke with Legend about her musical endeavors outside of the show — which consists of open mics, theater, playing in a band and more — the “All of Me” singer explained that her choice of activities makes her a “better storyteller as a vocalist.”

He added, “So much of what we’re looking for here is more than just being a good singer, and I felt like you really connected with the song, which made it easier for you to connect with the audience. And the fact that you’re 16 and doing that, that’s not normal. I love coaching artists who have so much artistry already inside of them. It would be so fun to work with you.”

Though Cabello took longer to turn around, she told Grace that since she is also a young singer and songwriter, she could help coach the teen through the nerves that come with being so vulnerable, and added that she feels “inspired” by her talent.

Blake Shelton, who did not turn his chair, remarked that he was an idiot for not turning around. “A lot of time we see people who are 15, 16 trying out for the show, and they’re not nearly as far along as you are,” he said.

Grace ultimately went with Stefani as her coach, resulting in the pop-punk vet bouncing from her chair to give the teen a hug. Watch Rowan Grace’s audition below.

Starr Bowenbank