‘Guilty Gear’ fans say Joe Biden is dominating fighting game tournaments

Guilty Gear - Strive. Credit: Arc System Works.

An anonymous Guilty Gear player going by the name Joe Biden is currently sweeping through the fighting game’s tournaments, prompting fans to joke that the President of the United States is secretly competing.

On Sunday (October 23), a competitor going by Joe Biden won the North American and European Open Tournament for Guilty Gear XX, defeating four competitors without taking a single loss.

The tournament’s standings show that unlike almost every other competitor in the tournament, Joe Biden – full title ‘U.S.A. Joe Biden’ – has no Twitch or Twitter channels linked to his account, only a Discord profile named Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is registered as competing in over 100 tournaments, and often turns up to take home first, second or third place. Suitably, the competitor usually sticks to playing Chipp – a character who campaigns for the presidency in Guilty Gear XX, and goes on to become the President of the “Eastern Chipp Kingdom” later in the series.

The situation was acknowledged on Twitter by ACPR_Discord, which posted Sunday’s results and tagged the President of the United States’ Twitter account as the tournament’s winner.

Since then, the fighting game community has joked that the real Joe Biden is behind the streak of victories.

“A Guilty Gear player named Joe Biden is currently sweeping every tournament he enters & nobody knows who he is so everyone just assumes he’s the POTUS,” reads a now-viral tweet from Twitter user MonachVT. “Man puts 2K out in neutral instead of our bank accounts and then disappears into the night”

“The fact that they main Chipp is just icing on the cake,” reads another reply.

Though it’s unlikely the real President is spending his time playing Guilty Gear, it wouldn’t be the first time that the game has been in presidential hands. “We’ve come so far as a society” praised another Twitter user, along with a screenshot of former President Bill Clinton holding up an advert for Guilty Gear in 1999, which he used as an example of violence in video games.

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