Guillermo Del Toro Shares His ‘Admiration’ for Taylor Swift & Their Love of Fairy Tales

Days after Taylor Swift revealed that she identifies with Game of Thrones‘ Arya Stark and gushed over the series’ director Guillermo Del Toro, the filmmaker returned the love for the Grammy-winning superstar.

“She’s a very accomplished director, she’s incredibly articulate and deep about what she’s trying to do—and what she will do,” he told W Magazine when asked if he’s a Swiftie. “I have the greatest admiration for her; we had one of the most stimulating and gratifying conversations.”

Del Toro added that the duo have many “common interests,” including fairy tales. “Her interest in fable and myth and the origins of fairy tale is quite deep,” he explained. “I gave her a few books that I thought would be interesting for her—among them, very importantly, a book that was useful for me in creating Pan’s Labyrinth called The Science of Fairy Tales, which codifies and talks about fairy tale lore.”

For The Hollywood Reporter‘s 2022 Women In Entertainment Power 100, Swift revealed that she’d like to trade places with Del Toro. “Imagine having that imagination, that visual vocabulary and that astonishing body of work,” she said of the Shape of Water filmmaker. “To have such a diverse storytelling range but to somehow put your distinctive artistic fingerprint on every film. And yet, it feels like he’s still so curious and enthusiastic about his work. I can only imagine that a day in his mind would be fascinating.”

Rania Aniftos