Greentea Peng and Nightmares On Wax share new song ‘Top Steppa V2’

Greentea Peng

Greentea Peng has teamed up with Nightmares On Wax for new song ‘Top Steppa V2’ – listen below.

The track follows the song ‘Top Steppa’, which appeared on the former’s recent mixtape ‘GREENZONE 108’.

Speaking of the collaboration, Nightmares On Wax said: “It’s a great honour for me to collaborate with Greentea once again – after she featured on my record last year. I’m such a huge fan of her as an artist and we totally connect with the energy she shares.

“‘Top Steppa’ is already an amazing song, so to be able to combine the Nightmares on Wax sound with this tune for ‘Top Steppa V2’ is the perfect musical marriage. After a little back and forth vibing with Greentea, I tapped into that iconic British expression of ’90s hip hop & ’70s roots reggae with a futuristic electronic NOW twist.”

Greentea Peng added: “It was really nice working with Nightmares on Wax, a dear friend of mine and incredible musician to retwist ‘Top Steppa’ and turn it into a completely new track in ‘Top Steppa V2′ – Big Love!”

Listen below.

‘GREENZONE 108’ came out in September and was previewed by spiritual new song ‘Look To Him’ and follow-up single ‘Your Mind’. Reviewing the mixtape, NME wrote: “With her second mixtape, Greentea Peng shows immense growth in her pen and musicality.

“She keeps what works – the psychedelic and futuristic sounds that transport us to alternative universes – but she also plays around within this context, the newer influences of rock and electric guitar adding grit and instant energy. It’s inspired. As she matures into all aspects of her life, ‘GREENZONE 108’ is an utter triumph.”

Discussing the new mixtape, Greentea Peng said: “’GREENZONE 108′ is a free flowing, open field of expression. A collection of works accumulated over a transitional period of my life. An elevation of sorts from MAN MADE, in the sense that so much has changed and formed in the 2 years since that conception.

“‘GREENZONE108’ is freer, less formed and more of an open dialogue/ space exploring all different types of topics from spirituality, and originality to mental health and politricks hence why this is a mixtape and not an album.”

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