Go Behind the Scenes of T1, Radien & The Boyz’s ’Last Man Standing’ Video Shoot: Exclusive

While K-pop stars have risen to newfound worldwide fame in the last decade, major players in the esports world are not too far behind in larger recognition, as made clear by a new collaboration.

“Last Man Standing” is a new theme song crafted by K-pop super-producer Raiden, boy band The Boyz and T1, the South Korean esports organization with multiple world-champion titles for the massively popular, online multiplayer battle game League of Legends. The track follows up T1’s first foray into K-pop music with Raiden last year via “Runner,” which featured EXO member Baekhyun and Korean rapper Changmo. The collaboration will boost support as T1 competes in the League of Legends World Championship (also known as Worlds) that kicked off in September in Mexico City, which will hold its quarterfinals on Oct. 20 in New York City, ahead of the finals in November in San Francisco.

“Coming back as an executive producer for T1’s 2022 theme song ‘Last Man Standing,’ I feel more confident than ever,” Raiden tells Billboard. “I imagined this song to be ringing in everyone’s ears as we march for the Worlds trophy. In our music video, we worked with ILLUMIN, a very talented creative director, on a message ‘speaking through light.’ We captured The Boyz, T1 players and myself as the last men standing in saving the world. It is very cinematic and I’m happy that The Boyz were just as passionate as I was in delivering this song both vocally and on set.”

Produced by Raiden and co-written by The Boyz member Sunwoo, “Last Man Standing” is described as a culmination of creative admiration among the different artists. “We shared a lot of ideas together, so this is truly a collaborative project,” Raiden adds. “Sunwoo is such an amazing songwriter and a rapper—it was a pleasure being able to work with him creatively as well.” Billboard can also share exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and reflections from those involved.

The Boyz, Raiden esports team T1

“I’m a big fan of T1 so it’s a dream to be able to deliver their 2022 Worlds theme song,” Sunwoo says of the track he helped co-write. “I think this song fits T1 and players very well. It has a majestic twist to it. What an experience—I’d love to play and learn the game from them more. Looking forward to reuniting!”

Meanwhile, T1 leader Faker adds that “It was great working with Raiden again after ‘Runner’ and I hope that the fans enjoy the music video for our theme song ‘Last Man Standing’ and cheer us on during Worlds 2022.”

Raiden, T1 players and members of The Boyz were all on hand to shoot the music video shoot for “Last Man Standing” where The Boyz gifted the gamers a signed copy of their latest album Be Aware featuring their summer hit “Whisper.”

“It was a very astonishing and cool experience to be at the shoot and a part of the same project with Raiden and T1 players,” The Boyz’s Jacob shares of the collaboration. “Personally, I am a big fan of League of Legends and T1 of course. ‘Last Man Standing’ is an amazing song!” Juyeon echoes the sentiment: “It was such a fun experience to shoot with Faker, Oner and Gumayusi, and sing their anthem. I will always cheer for T1 and their result for Worlds championship 2022.”

The Boyz, Raiden esports team T1
The Boyz, Raiden esports team T1

Even in the recording process, The Boyz leader Sangyeon says they envisioned the song helping the League of Leagues champs. “I recorded this song, hoping that our voice could help empower T1 and their endeavor for Worlds championship. I could not be happier with the final product. I hope for their best results at Worlds. This project united The Boyz, T1 and Raiden into one and I want to spread a joyful message to everyone through this amazing song.”

Plus, many of The Boyz members also follow T1.

“As a T1 fan, I hope for T1’s great results in their journey at T1 and onwards,” Younghoon says. “It’s an honor to be a part of this project.” And Hyunjae says, “this song fits T1 like no other—it sounds heroic and powerful. I will always be T1’s fan.”

The Boyz’s Kevin calls the collaboration “an honor,” member New called it “amazing,” while Q describes it as a “cool tune with a majestic edge to it.”

But Ju Haknyeon may sum up things best by saying, “This is a project with the world’s best team T1, and global DJ artist Raiden, it’s an honor to have all of us together for one song,” before adding a cheering message of his own: “Let’s go, T1! Let’s take on Worlds!”

Watch the music video for “Last Man Standing” below:

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