(G)I-DLE member Yuqi rushed to hospital after her health “took a turn for the worse”

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(G)I-DLE member Yuqi was sent to the hospital due to an unspecified health condition over the weekend.

On November 20, CUBE Entertainment announced via a notice on Twitter that the idol would not be attending a fan call event that had been scheduled for the day. The agency wrote that Yuqi had been “rushed to the hospital after her health took a turn for the worse” earlier that morning.

CUBE added that she was “diagnosed by a doctor and is currently resting,” but did not specify what kind of diagnosis the singer received. “We sincerely apologise for giving fans cause for concern by conveying this sudden news, and we will continue to do our utmost for the health and safety of our artist,” it said.

Later that evening, Yuqi took to her Instagram stories to give fans an update on her condition, posting a selfie and writing: “Don’t worry Neverland (the group’s fanbase) I’m okay.”

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Credits: @yuqisong.923 on Instagram.

Just last week, (G)I-DLE were forced to stop mid-performance at the Music Bank concert in Chile due to poor weather conditions and resulting safety concerns. The show, which was held at an open-air stadium, had started just as it began to rain. The weather significantly worsened during (G)I-DLE’s set, with heavy rain and hail making it difficult for them to perform. The rest of the concert was eventually cancelled after member Shuhua slipped on stage.

(G)I-DLE made a comeback in October with their fifth mini-album ‘I Love’, led by the title track ‘Nxde’. The record has since become the quintet’s first-ever entry on the Billboard 200, landing at Number 71 for the week of November 5.

In a three-star review of ‘I Love’, NME’s Tanu I. Raj praised the record for its Old Hollywood concept, but wrote: “(G)I-DLE go from shackled ‘sculptures’ to self-aware, emotionally intelligent women, but unimaginative arrangements overshadow their progress.”

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