Get Inspired To Make Your Next Viral Video With This Creator-Approved Playlist

Later this week, the Samsung Galaxy Creator Collective takes over Dallas for its second iteration. The event, which takes place from March 21 through March 22, aims to serve as an inviting and inclusive learning environment where creators both new and more established can learn trade secrets and tips from some of the best in the business to further grow their followings across all social media platforms. Featuring music-making demonstrations, keynote speeches, panel discussions, and live performances, this year’s Samsung Galaxy Creator Collective puts audio at the forefront showcasing how creators can best utilize music to elevate their offerings. 

To round out the weekend’s festivities, Billboard asked several major player creators to collaborate on a playlist that will serve as the soundtrack during the final morning of the Samsung Galaxy Creative Collective. Featuring TikTok creator Tefi, the respective winners of Samsung and Billboard’s NXT 1.0 and 2.0 Bronze Avery and Nyla XO, TikTok artist DJ Habi Beats, among others, this Coffee Hour playlist will represent an eclectic mix of the top artists and songs encompassing the diversity of the attendees themselves. 

For those who can’t attend in person, the Samsung Galaxy Creator Collective will be available to watch via livestream beginning on March 21 at 9 a.m. CT/10 a.m. EST on Samsung’s Twitch and YouTube channels. And for those looking for an immediate jolt of musically creative inspiration, check out the full creator-approved playlist below. 


Justin Nozuka – “Nova”

For Tefi’s first pick, TikTok’s best friend opted for the smooth nature of “Nova,” which hears Nozuka express some tender infatuation over a lover and he’s not afraid to shoot his shot. With his silky falsetto, the track shapes up as a go-to soundtrack for all the optimistic romantics and the perfect addition for our coffee hour. 

Kwaku Asante – “Feel Something”

“Feel Something” injects warm R&B into the mix, courtesy of Tefi’s second pick by Kwaku Asante. The cut hears the rising singer/songwriter walk a thin line of old school R&B with elements of neo-soul sprinkles throughout, leaving listeners with nothing but some feel-good energy. And yet, it’s so effortless and versatile that it could fit into the mix of a dancefloor. 

Bronze Avery

Holly Humberstone, “Overkill”

The first of Bronze Avery’s picks is “Overkill” by Grantham, England-bred sing-songwriter Holly Humberstone. Much like Avery’s highly emotional output, “Overkill” sees Humberstone singing  about the universal phenomenon of oversharing to a new romantic partner. The track’s video, which was filmed by Holly’s sister Eleri, sees the artist traipsing through the forest outside of her childhood home at dusk, with Holly stating that “it was basically my version of a 5k run.”

Bronze Avery, “SOFTSHELL”

For his second pick, Avery chose to highlight his own track, “Softshell.” Fresh off the artist’s 2022 debut album SOFTMETAL, the penultimate single sees the 28-year-old multihyphenate and inaugural Billboard NXT winner creating lush and longing alternative pop music that makes for a perfect backdrop, whether you’re cruising with the top down at sunset or wistfully staring out a rain-drenched window.

Nyla Xo

Lianne La Havas, “Unstoppable (FKJ Remix)”

For her first pick, NXT 2.0 winner Nyla XO steps up to the plate with the playful and bubbly remix of the Lianne La Havas track “Unstoppable” courtesy of French-multi instrumental and remixer French Kiwi Juice (or FKJ for short). The uplifting and highly danceable tune sees La Havas’s vocals perched above a beautiful melange of sunny piano chords and synth flourishes. 

Nyla XO, “Summer Days”

For her second pick, Nyla XO turns the focus back on herself, celebrating her 2020 single “Summer Days.” The song and its corresponding video – which was shot, edited, and directed by Nyla herself – both serve to celebrate the healing and rejuvenating qualities of nature during a year when many across the world prioritized getting back to the great outdoors for the very first time. 

Marilyn Hue 

PinkPantheress, “Break It Off”

Photographer and creator-at-large Marilyn Hue knows how to set a mood. Take her first pick; “Break It Off” by Kent, England’s PinkPantheress. At under two minutes, the energetic, seductive, and extremely catchy DnB-infused pop banger is the perfect way to inject just a little bit of fun and hyperpop into any day’s shoot schedule. 

TV Girl, “Cigarettes Out The Window”

Continuing on her moody streak, Hue chose “Cigarettes Out The Window” by Los Angeles indie rock act TV Girl. The third track off of band’s 2016 album Who Really Cares, “Cigarettes Out The Window” makes use of vintage as well as contemporary samples to create a song that is as timeless as it is evocative.

Drex Lee

Lana Del Rey, “Gangsta’s Paradise x Jealous Girl” (SicKick Remix TikTok)

Smartphone-centric film director Drex Lee knows all about setting a scene and how to contrast disparate elements to come to an end result that is bigger than the sum of its parts. Take, for instance, Lee’s first song choice, the SicKick mashup of Lana Del Rey’s “Jealous Girl” and Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise.” While this pairing may not seem like a fit on paper, in practice, the songs work well to build upon shared themes of longing and violence. 

Steve Lacy, “Bad Habit”

Next up from Drex Lee, the breakout single from Odd Future affiliate and The Internet member Steve Lacy. Off his critically acclaimed sophomore solo album Gemini Rights, “Bad Habit” is a video creator favorite where the SoCal crooner waxes poetically about a failed love interest where slick guitar chords and vocal harmonies, featuring singer-songwriter Fousheé, serve to cushion any fall.

Tetris Kelly

Meghan Tranior, “Mother”

While Billboard News Host Tetris Kelly’s life might look like a dream, it most definitely sounds the part when soundtracked by his first pick, Meghan Tranior latest single “Mother.” With sonic nods to the 1954 track “Mr. Sandman” by girl group The Chordettes, the Kris Jenner-starring video plays with ideas of the fantastical to create the perfect accompaniment to any head in the clouds fantasy you might be trying to conjure. 

Taeyang feat. Jimin “Vibe”

Up next from Kelly, “Vibe” from former Big Bang member Taeyang with an assist from BTS’s Jimin. The song – a dance pop bop with equal nods to K-Pop, R&B, and New Jack Swing – is the perfect soundtrack for anyone with hearts in their eyes, whether it’s for a new crush or even if you are simply just admiring somewhere for their unique aura and vibe.

James Dinh

Taylor Swift, “Lavender Haze”

The first pick from Billboard’s James Dinh is also the first Taylor Swift song to grace the playlist, and it sure does pack a punch. “Lavender Haze” takes the best techniques of pop, ambient house, R&B, and electro and combines them all in an earworm worthy of syncing up with your end of night dance party or, for the more health conscious set, your most triumphant gym routine. 

Catching Flies, “Let Your Hair Down”

Continuing on this moody streak, Dinh’s second pick is the welcome refresh of “Let Your Hair Down” by London-artist Catching Flies. Somewhere between hip hop, trip hop, hip house, and downtempo, “Let Your Hair Down” invites you to do just that, whether you are relaxing after a long day or perhaps even savoring a meditative moment before you embark on your next adventure. 

Sarah Lombard

Niall Horan, “Heaven”

Ahead of his hotly anticipated third studio album entitled The Show, former One Direction-member Niall Horan graces us with its first single, “Heaven.” The first of Billboard staffer Sarah Lombard’s picks, “Heaven” is a crooning pop rock anthem about living life on your own timeline. 

Reneé Rapp, “Bruises”

The second of Lombard’s picks comes in the form of actress and singer Reneé Rapp’s “Bruises.” A song about vulnerability, “Bruises” provides the perfect soundtrack for any content aiming for introspection or deep hearted soul searching.

Quincy Green

Doechii feat. SZA, “Persuasive”

Up first for Billboard’s own Quincy Green, we see Tampa, Florida-bred Doechii’s 2022 banger, “Persuasive.” An uptempo hip house track with a vocal assist from none other than SZA, “Persuasive” will have you feeling yourself within seconds, perfect for any video content that speaks to renewed feeling of self-worth. 

KAYTRANADA feat. H.E.R., “Intimidated”

Up next from Green is KAYTRANADA’s 2021 track, “Intimidated.” Off the EP of the same name and featuring vocals from H.E.R., “Intimidated” sees Kaytranada effortlessly blending soul, house, and hip hop into pop music perfection that somehow feels both futuristic and like a cherished throwback. 

Steven Levine 

Coi Leray, “Players”

Speaking of throwbacks, next up we have Billboard’s Steven Levine with Coi Leray’s Grandmaster Flash-indebted “Players.” With bars that speak to female bravado and a beat you won’t be afraid to blast at the club or even a family cookout, “Players” is a perfect cherry on top for any good day.

PinkPantheress, Ice Spice, “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2”

Up next from Levine we have “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” from PinkPantheress and Ice Spice. These two burgeoning superstars pack a song of the summer anthem in under three minutes, proving that good things can truly come in small packages. 

Olive Mannella

Dermot Kennedy, “Something To Someone”

First from Billboard’s Olive Mannella, we have pop country in the form of Dermot Kennedy’s “Something To Someone.” Whether you are embarking on a cross country road trip or simply miss seeing the stars in your big city environment, “Something To Someone” will help you feel a little closer to home. 

Taylor Swift, “Invisible String”

Finally from Mannella, we have a pop folk ballad from the princess of pop Taylor Swift. A mellower, more sentimental side of Swift, “Invisible String” is the perfect soundtrack for mending up any wounds, lacing up your shoes, and continuing charting your own path, wherever your life may be taking you. 

Mike Sheffield