‘Genshin Impact’ fans react to what appears to be game’s biggest leak yet

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players have reacted to what appears to be game’s biggest and most illegal leak to date.

Almost a year’s worth of Genshin Impact updates and characters have seemingly been leaked in what the gaming community is calling a “tsunami” of illegally dumped information.

A large batch of data was allegedly leaked from the game developer HoYoverse‘s servers over the weekend. According to GamesRadar, the reported leak reaches from the 3.3 update through to update 3.8.

It’s been calculated that as much as 36 weeks of leaked content has been circulated, revealing a host of new characters, bosses, weapons, events, areas and more. Due to the nature of the leaks, NME will not be linking to the leaked information in question.

Genshin Impact Update 3.1. Credit: HoYoverse.
Genshin Impact Update 3.1. Credit: HoYoverse.

The apparent leak follows the infamous Genshin Impact 1.5 update leak, which saw a development build spread online. At the time, HoYoverse (then called MiHoYo) promised that it would “increase its efforts to deal with illegal disclosures.”

As is the nature of leaks, all of the mentioned information is subject to change, especially regarding when certain characters will be released and even what weapon types they’ll use.

HoYoverse has been approached for comment on the reported leak.

Last month, HoYoverse confirmed that it’s working on a way for limited-time events to become replayable.

As it stands, certain character-focused events in Genshin Impact are no longer accessible or, if they are, their narrative has been changed to reflect how the storyline has evolved since.

A HoYoverse spokesperson “acknowledged the community’s sadness at missing story events for characters like Albedo and Childe” alongside the desire for a story recap option.

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