Frank Ocean returns with new ‘Homer Radio’ show on Apple Music

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean has returned with another Apple Music radio show, this time through his company Homer.

Homer is described as an “independent American luxury company” and was launched by Ocean in 2021. As well as fine and high jewellery, printed silk scarves and more, the company also made headlines this year by selling an 18-karat yellow gold cock ring for $25,000 (£20,700).

The artist has now launched Homer Radio, the follow-up to his Apple Music 1 show Blonded Radio, which has been sharing new music and rarities over the past few years.

Homer Radio will air on Thursdays at 10pm ET (3am Friday BST), and is described as “a one hour window into what plays around our office after hours.”

A full statement from Ocean reads: “Twin line array speakers hold court, they’re only a little loud. Someone’s vacuuming the carpets in another room adding white noise to the song. A security guard coming back up from a cigarette break can hear it all from inside the elevator. Magnified eyes see through a headset loaded with grids of light and lenses and loupes. Skulls on swivels make no sudden movements helicoptering over paperwork, pens, blades, vices, metals and gems.

“Artificial light pours from small canisters like those dragons that spring from cylinders, like the never-ending ribbons pulled from a magicians ear. Media fires back and forth and back again across the net. Sorkin-like walk and talks travel down the hallways further and further from the sound. This is Homer Radio. An office soundtrack. Can’t you hear our ‘voice’? It’s not a dead line.”

Listen to the first episode here.

Frank Ocean


Last August, Ocean gave his first interview in two years, discussing Homer when it was in its infancy.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Ocean spoke of the high-end jewellery line – “I didn’t want our work to be any less expensive than Cartier,” he said – among a slew of other topics, though he never mentioned his music.

Since then, the artist – real name Christopher “Lonny” Breaux – has shared previously unreleased music to mark the 10th anniversary of his debut album, ‘Channel Orange’.

In December 2021, Ocean shared an almost-nine-minute song on the programme as part of a Blonded Radio Christmas special.

Last month, Ocean wiped his Instagram, leading fans to assume new music is on the way. Ocean last released an album in 2016 with ‘Blonde’ and just a handful of singles including ‘DHL’ and ‘In My Room’ have being released since, but no announcement has followed the wipe yet.

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