Frank Ocean Launches Apple Music Radio Show

Frank Ocean is launching his brand-new Homer Radio with Apple Music 1. The one-hour show is set for Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET.

“Someone’s vacuuming the carpets adding a distant layer of white noise to the sound,” Ocean said in a cryptic statement about the show. “Security is pacing off some boredom while pretending to check the rooms and the safes on a rehearsed patrol. A headset loaded with gadgetry helps a man who dons it to see, with its grids of light and lenses and loupes.”

The singer/songwriter’s show shares a name with his Homer jewelry line, which the artist founded in August 2021. The name is inspired by the Greek poet, Ocean said the in an interview with Financial Times. 

While Ocean’s fans are finally receiving a project from him in the radio show, the singer is known for his long breaks from both music and the public. His last album, Blonde, was released in 2016, while his most recent songs are “DHL,” “Cayendo” and “Dear April.”

It seems like Ocean is meshing the radio show with his years-old jewelry line. The launch of the show accompanied a post on the company’s Instagram page, set against a background image of the hustle and bustle of a city.

In addition to a lack of music, there’s been a lot made of Ocean’s lack of performances too. The singer has been vocal about how his mental health struggles have impacted his desire to perform onstage. But he does have at least two dates on the calendar next year: back-to-back weekends as a Coachella 2023 headliner.