‘Fortnite’ announces early end to third map with ‘Fracture’ finale event

Fortnite Play Your Way event

Fortnite has announced it will be bringing an early end to its third map following the conclusion of its current season.

The change will coincide with a Chapter 3 finale event called Fracture, which was teased by developer Epic Games at the conclusion of Fortnite Champion Series, an in-person competition held last weekend.

Fracture will be available to play at 9pm GMT on December 3.

The announcement was caught on camera by audience members who attended the competition. One image was shared by Twitter user iFireMonkey.

Following the presentation of the Fortnite Champions Series trophies, a title card showed the name of the upcoming Chapter 3 finale event, as well as the date and time of its release.

Chapter 3 will subsequently be the shortest in the game’s history, with the previous chapters having each lasted at least two years.

Each new chapter has typically introduced a new mechanic to the game, such as Chapter 2’s addition of swimming, boats and other vehicles. Chapter 3, meanwhile, welcomed the game’s sprinting, mantling and No Build mechanics.

As for the upcoming Chapter 4, many had speculated if it would see the arrival of the game’s Unreal Editor, which Epic boss Tim Sweeney previously promised would arrive at some point in 2022. However, he has since confirmed that it won’t come out until late January, 2023.

“Sorry folks, the team is working super hard, but the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) has been delayed to late January 2023,” Sweeney tweeted on Monday (November 14).

In other Fortnite news, Amazon Music previously held the final of its One Take YouTube series, which saw a host of musicians compete against leading Fortnite players.

Hosted by YouTuber and musician Yung Filly, One Take saw artists such as A1 X J1, Deno and Lady Leshurr take part in the live-streamed tournament.

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