First Out: New Music From Cat Burns, Adam Lambert, Kali Uchis & More

In need of some new tunes from your favorite queer artists? Look no further — Billboard Pride is proud to present the latest edition of First Out, our weekly roundup of some of the best new music releases from LGBTQ artists.

From a pair of excellent new tracks from Cat Burns to Adam Lambert’s latest cover, check out just a few of our favorite releases from this week below:

Cat Burns, “People Pleaser” / “Sleep At Night”

On her latest pair of singles, Cat Burns is perfectly encapsulating what makes her such an exciting new artist. First there’s “People Pleaser,” a slight departure from her past work that sees Burns flexing her pop-songwriting prowess by breaking down her affinity toward making everyone else feel good. “Sleep at Night,” on the other hand, is Burns once again embracing emotional vulnerability on a beautiful, revelatory ballad about the power of staying above the drama. If you still haven’t listened to the rising U.K. star’s music, you now have a ripe opportunity to dip in.

Adam Lambert, “Mad About The Boy” (Noël Coward cover)

As part of the forthcoming documentary Mad About the Boy — The Noël Coward Story, Adam Lambert is offering his talents to give life to an old classic. Delivering his own rendition of the titular track, Lambert imbues the 1932 song with a slinky, sexy sensibility, adding in some modern production to give it that extra bit of flair. With a voice that embodies pure desire, Lambert nails the assignment, helping audiences see Coward’s iconic song in a brand new light.

Kali Uchis, “La Unica”

With “La Unica,” reggaetón superstar Kali Uchis is leaning into her power. Thoughout the Spanish new single, the singer raps about that one person who, for some inexplicable reason, thinks they’re special. Naturally, Uchis disabuses them of that notion with haste, spitting bars over a scintillating beat before declaring “You’re not mi only one” on the transcendent chorus.

Chloe Moriondo, SUCKERPUNCH

In times as chaotic as ours, Chloe Moriondo asks: Why not embrace the chaos? Enter SUCKERPUNCH, the singer’s long-awaited debut studio album that is as wild as one would hope. Oscillating with lightning-fast speed between hyperpop-fueled bangers (“Hotel for Clowns,” “Cdbaby<3”) to pop-punk-inspired kiss-offs (“Celebrity”), to hip-hop-leaning anthems (“DRESS UP”), Moriondo refuses to stay in one spot for long. But don’t worry — her carefully curated production makes sure that you won’t get whiplash from her constant switch-ups.

Darren Hayes, Homosexual

Nostalgia is tricky — sure, it’s fun to live in the past, but what if your past isn’t very happy? Darren Hayes doesn’t answer that question on Homosexual, he merely basks in it. Throughout the singer’s first solo album in 11 years, Hayes employs the blissful, gay-club-adjacent dance-pop of the early aughts to dissect his own trauma, be it familial (“Poison Blood”), collective (“All You Pretty Things”) or professional (“A Little Death”). It’s neither happy nor sad — it’s honest, something Hayes knows he needs right now.

Jamila Woods, “Boundaries”

Breakups are hard, especially when your ex is still a part of your life. But Jamila Woods is here to remind you — “Boundaries” are important. Throughout this smooth jam, the singer offers a cautionary tale of crossed lines, establishing from the start why she can’t be trusted around her ex. Infusing Spanish guitars with some delicious 808s, Woods puts her walls up and tells her former lover; stay away.

Dreamer Isioma, “Dumb In Love With You”

If you’re looking for an ethereal new love song to share with your partner, Dreamer Isioma has got you covered. “Dumb In Love With You” does what the rising singer does best — takes a simple concept and reimagines it through a kaleidoscopic lens of wavy sonics. The result is a gorgeous, grooving pop song dedicated to that sweet, silly feeling of new love.

Stephen Daw