‘Final Fantasy 14’ reveals new quests and raids coming with patch 6.3

Final Fantasy 14 Buried Memory

Square Enix has revealed the first wave of details about Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker’s upcoming 6.3 patch, titled Gods Revels, Lands Tremble.

Due to launch in early January 2023, the Gods Revels, Lands Tremble patch is set to introduce new quests, trials, raids and dungeons.

The details of the 6.3 patch were shared by producer and director Naoki Yoshida during the 74th Letter From The Producer Live broadcast, which took place earlier today (November 11).

Yoshida revealed that the new Final Fantasy 14 patch will bring with it the next chapter in the story of the warrior of light while a new side story quest will be introduced, with players tasked with continuing Tartaru’s grand endeavor.

Two new trials will also come with patch 6.3, including a new eight-player challenge as well as a new unreal trial that will task players with battling Sophia in Containment Bay P1T6.

Patch 6.3 will also bring with it two new raids, with a 24-player alliance raid (Myths of the Realm: Euphrosyne) as well as a new ultimate raid.

New dungeon Lapis Manalis, a new leap of faith map, a new treasure hunt dungeon and a new crystalline conflict map will also be introduced in Final Fantasy 14’s 6.3 patch. Yoshida also confirmed the addition of new housing wards to existing districts.

Beyond that, Yoshida also teased what patch 6.35 would be bringing to Final Fantasy 14, with a range of updates to Island Sanctuary, new daily quests for disciples of the Hand as well as a successor to deep dungeon quests palace of the dead and heaven-on-high, called eureka orthos in the works.

The Endwalker expansion to Final Fantasy 14 was released last December. In a five-star review, NME wrote: “Endwalker, and Final Fantasy 14 as a whole, is an inspiring feat. Over a decade later, Square Enix has told an unforgettable tale and managed to deliver a satisfying, beautiful end to the Hydaelyn and Zodiark saga. This is a story you’ll be thinking about for years to come.”

In other news, Two Point Campus is set to introduce modding to the management sim, with a beta version launching “very soon”.

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