Fall Out Boy continue teasing new album in letter to fans

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy have continued teasing their return with new music, sending a cryptic letter to fans.

Over recent weeks, the band have been working up towards the announcement of their first new music since 2018 album ‘M A N I A’.

Back in November, they took out an ad in the Chicago Tribune newspaper, featuring the words “FOB 8” followed by the phrase “If you build it, they will come” all against a black background.

Last week, the band then delivered what seemed to be a preview of a new song in a video titled ‘A Claymation Fall Out Boy Celebration’.

Now, they’ve sent fans an email with a letter titled ‘A Homeboy’s Life’. After a number of cryptic paragraphs, the band revealed. “We spent the last year jamming ideas in a tiny room [and] can’t wait to share them with you.

“Thanks for always sticking around. Thanks for working the beat. Spoiler alert: we got more than a gold watch coming for you next year.”

See the full letter below.

The band’s teasing continued last month, when fans began receiving cryptic postcards with the title ‘Pink Seashell Beach’.

Those postcards came with a message reading: “I saw you in a bright clear field. Hurricane heat in my head. The kind of pain you feel to get good in the end. Inscribed like stone and faded by the rain: ‘Give up what you love give up what you love before it does you in…’”

They arrived alongside the launch of a website dubbed “sending my love from pink seashell beach”, which is also promoted with the new claymation video. Upon entering the site, visitors are met with the visual of pink seashell etched with the phrase, “The answers are inside of this.”

Another website, dubbed “sending my love from the other side”, asks fans to “RSVP to the other side”. Clicking a prompt, inquisitive visitors will be met with a form to send off their name, email and physical address. A header on the site reads, “Welcome to the other side of the apocalypse,” and clicking on the “O” in “other” will lead to the new FOB logo (donning a Santa hat) overtaking the splash page.

Meanwhile, guitarist Joe Trohman revealed back in September that Fall Out Boy had been working on some new “guitar-based” material, which had apparently been put on the backburner. “I don’t know know what’s happening with it,” he told Rolling Stone. “I think it unfortunately went to the back burner. It would be nice to make a record where the guitar is a little more upfront.

“We did start that way, as a guitar-based rock band, and it’d be cool to go back to those roots. We’d have to find a way to do it that doesn’t sound like Fall Out Boy from 2005. It might be cool for somebody else to do that, but it wouldn’t be cool for us to do it.”

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