Ex-SPIRE Entertainment CEO denies OMEGA X abuse allegations: “I took care of all of them like their mother”

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Kang Seong-hee, the former CEO of SPIRE Entertainment, has continued to deny allegations that she “threatened, assaulted and exploited” members of the boyband OMEGA X in a new interview.

On December 4, The New York Times published a report regarding OMEGA X’s ongoing legal battle with SPIRE Entertainment, which began after a video allegedly depicting an incident of verbal abuse and physical mistreatment of the group by then-CEO Kang surfaced in October. Following the video’s circulation in October, Kang denied all allegations to South Korean media outlet SBS. However, SPIRE Entertainment later issued an apology to the group in November. The agency did not name Kang in its statement, but announced that “the CEO who’s responsible for this matter” had resigned.

The boyband later held a press conference with their legal representatives on November 16, during which they announced their intention to press charges against Kang for “threatening, assaulting and exploiting the members”. In the conference, OMEGA X’s 11 members also personally elaborated on the alleged abuse by Kang, including threats of violence and sexual harassment.

The New York Times reports that Kang denied the allegations made against her in a phone interview. “I took care of all of them like their mother,” she claimed. She also referenced the video that sparked the controversy, which allegedly depicted her pushing band member Kim Jaehan to the ground, claiming Kim had collapsed on his own.

Kang also said that her requests for the boyband to cover SPIRE Entertainment’s debts were justified, and told The New York Times that she believes OMEGA X had accused her of abuse as an excuse to move to a larger agency with more financial resources. “In their opinion, our company does not have enough to nurture them,” she told the publication, claiming that they are “conducting a witch hunt”.

The Times also reports that OMEGA X’s request to nullify their exclusive contracts with SPIRE Entertainment will be considered by a South Korean judge at a hearing on Wednesday (December 7). Kang told the publication that she hoped the band would resume their activities with the agency.

SPIRE Entertainment, OMEGA X and their legal representatives have yet to respond to the claims made by Kang in the new report.

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